What we do

Our focus is to help our clients drive profitability and growth through effective recruitment, and optimizing the career development and performance of their people.  We also work closely with management teams in the day to day implementation of such projects and in relation to strategic and operational issues.

What we do

For Law Firms: Executive Search and Recruitment services

We work closely with our clients to understand their culture, their business, and their ambitions. Our clients demand the highest quality service from the businesses they work with, and with our mix of market leading research-lead search methods, coupled with legal consulting skills, we think that we meet that demand.

Each assignment is different. We formulate specific solutions tailored to each client, and to each project. Our ability to work on the ground with mother tongue capability helps us to operate more efficiently and to do what matters – help our clients to close recruitment projects.

In today’s global business environment, it is more important than ever for law firms and candidates alike to have their needs handled by a specialist. Our team combines local knowledge and language capabilities with global reach and awareness. As you would expect, we have an extensive network of contacts and sources with whom we are in regular contact, enabling us to gather information and impressions accurately and quickly.

For Partners, Teams, and Associates: Personal advice

For partners and associates, we offer career advice and career management for those who are reviewing their position in the market place.

We work with you to establish a clear understanding of your current practice, your ambitions, and the likely environment which will help you to achieve your goals.  On a discreet basis we can assess the various opportunities in the market place, so that you can consider all your options before you decide whether to move or to stay.

Whether you decide to stay or to move, our aim is to help you make the right decision.

If you may be interested in talking about your current situation, or may be interested in a move to a more suitable firm, we would like to talk to you. Please call us to arrange a confidential meeting.

Law Firm Mergers

Mergers are complicated on every level – from the strategic rationale through the negotiations, to integration.  It is generally accepted that the use of external advisors in such a situation can provide significant support and assistance to the parties.

We bring an objective, external view to the process and having been involved in a number of merger scenarios, relevant experience of the process, its pitfalls and potential solutions.  We can work either together with a firm’s strategy or change management advisors to help firms get the best outcome, or depending on the requirements of a particular project, alone.  Sometimes we are asked to help find the merger partner, sometimes we become involved once the parties have agreed to explore the possibility of a merger.

Our contribution will typically involve

  • assistance in the preparation for the process and
  • the search for potential merger partners, as well as
  • providing support and assistance to the management, e.g.
  • undertaking due diligence
  • participation in the negotiation process
  • business development plans
  • post merger integration


Market Entry Projects

One of our strengths lies in helping our clients when they enter new markets, or are looking to expand rapidly.  In addition to finding and placing lateral hires, our knowledge of European legal markets and our international network of contacts, enable us to source the best candidates for, and advise discreetly on, potential mergers, acquisitions and team moves.  We can help clients define and focus their strategy, find the people they need, and work with them at all levels to help ensure an effective integration.

For international firms looking to enter the market, or to expand their existing operations, we can help locate market leading individuals, teams or firms which may offer the right business fit.  From a market overview, to input at a strategic level we can help you define your objectives and we have the resources and experience to help you achieve them.

  • Market review
  • Approaching potential target firms or teams
  • Accompanying the market entry process
  • Undertaking due diligence
  • Providing management support
  • Post closing assistance


Consultancy Services

We offer practical, hands on consultancy services in areas which are closely allied to our core practice areas of retained search, mergers, and market entry, for example:

  • Input to business development strategies on a national and cross border basis
    • Review of marketing materials
    • Audit of English language documents and precedents
    • Advice on website content
  • Training and coaching
    • HR and business development issues
    • Input to business development strategies
    • Business and personal development plans
  • Review of international strategies and relationships to see how to optimize them
  • Performance management
  • Outplacement
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Transaction support and project management
  • International relations and cultural differences



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